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The ultimate

Live Recording Experience


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Livepad and Control Panel

Multicam Live Editing with up to 20 cameras

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Live Cut Creation

One Step Ahead

Just one button to trigger the next event

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To Multilayer Converting

Full Multigroup Functionality in AVID and PREMIERE Postproduction Systems
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Tally Light System

for ENG Cameras etc With Front LED And Eye Cup LED


L2N Keypad

Live2Next controls the Preview and Cut tracks of a production truck or studio mixer based on a cutting list: this is ideal for recording opera, concert and theatre performances and all other events that follow a given programme or sequence (score, text etc.). Just one button is used to trigger the next event: the camera in the Preview is cut to and the next camera (as per script) is loaded into the Preview. This makes it impossible for the vision mixer to press the wrong button by accident and it allows him or her to concentrate fully on selecting the optimum cutting time.

Live2Next Script

The vision mixer and director automatically see the current and next sections of dialogue or camera angles on a monitor.
Of course, you can always leave the Next system (if a camera is not ready or has a technical problem etc.), continue cutting manually (e.g. via our touch screen) and then rejoin the Next system at any point later in the script.

Live2Next creates print-outs for the vision mixer and the individual cameras at the click of a mouse.

The camera viewfinders show not only a red light for ON, but also a green light if the camera is cued in the Preview, i.e. it provides an automatic warning for the camera being cut to next.

Live2Touch and Live2Edit in action

Live2Touch im Thalia Theater

"The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet", Thalia Theater, Hamburg 2014


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