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The ultimate

Live Recording Experience


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Livepad and Control Panel

Multicam Live Editing with up to 20 cameras

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Live Cut Creation

One Step Ahead

Just one button to trigger the next event

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To Multilayer Converting

Full Multigroup Functionality in AVID and PREMIERE Postproduction Systems
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Tally Light System

for ENG Cameras etc With Front LED And Eye Cup LED


During the recording of an event with a multicam system, Live2Edit captures the control signals from the video switcher (production truck, studio, mobile control desk) and the corresponding timecode. Immediately after the end of the recording it generates an edit sequence for a post-production system; all the camera feeds are grouped in the sequence (optionally with PGM) and all edits of the live mix are available for immediate processing – as though the sequence had been created directly in the composer by a cutter.

Live2Edit Monitor

If required, markings (for highlights, corrections, etc.) can be entered by the director, programme manager or producer at any point using marker buttons. These then appear in the timeline of the post-production system as (coloured) markers.

Live2Edit is compatible with AVID MEDIA COMPOSER™ and ADOBE PREMIERE™ PRO CC.

Show reel (german version)


The whys and wherefores

Live2Edit has 8 different coloured markers: 4 hardware and 4 software markers.

The 4 hardware markers can be inserted at any point in the production set (singly or in combination).

The 4 software markers are controlled using the Live2Edit software. If the hardware markers are not used, all 8 markers can be controlled by the software.

Four typical scenarios:
  1. Live recording of an event to be broadcast with a time delay. There are only a few hours for correcting any camera and cutting errors.
    > One marker button on the vision mixer:
    • The director marks camera and editing errors during the live recording

    After the recording, the marker points can be accessed directly in the timeline and the corrections made immediately. It's no longer necessary to note down time codes during the live event and to waste time searching for the errors.

  2. Recording a show to be broadcast a week later.
    > The director, programme manager and editor each has his own marker button:
    • The director uses his button to highlight camera or cutting errors
    • The programme manager uses his button to mark highlights for a teaser
    • The editor marks effects which need touching up

    The assistant director or programme manager uses software markers 5 - 8 to tag the start of

    • Song tracks
    • VTR feeds
    • Interviews etc.

    In this case, markers 1-4 are only enabled for the marker buttons - to prevent director's or programme manager's markers accidentally being set via the software

  3. The same scenario as in 2, but markers 1-4 are also enabled for the software and only 2 marker buttons are used. Accordingly, 6 markers can be set via the software.

  5. Recording of various show blocks for an entertainment series.
    No marker buttons are used and markers 1-4 are enabled for the software, i.e. all 8 markers can be used by the assistant or an operator, e.g. for
    • Presenter blocks
    • VTR feeds
    • Interviews
    • Live footage
    • Music tracks
    • Audience shots
    • etc.

Rental Version

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Our innovative Live2Editsystem is now also available in a rental version. This allows you to benefit from all the advantages (your live multicam stream in the timeline = considerably shorter post-production time = cost savings), but does away with the need to hire an operator from us. You can simply use the system yourself: Live2Edit is therefore even cheaper than before.


Interested in taking a closer look at the Live2Suite or one of its modules, or in booking it for your TV or stage production?

Then send us a mail or give us a call

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