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The ultimate

Live Recording Experience


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Livepad and Control Panel

Multicam Live Editing with up to 20 cameras

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Live Cut Creation

One Step Ahead

Just one button to trigger the next event

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To Multilayer Converting

Full Multigroup Functionality in AVID and PREMIERE Postproduction Systems
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Tally Light System

for ENG Cameras etc With Front LED And Eye Cup LED


Live2Touch is a mobile control system which consists of a touch screen and a 16-channel HD mixer. The previews of all connected cameras are displayed on the touch screen; camera feeds are cut to by touching them: What you touch is what you get.

Live2Touch Monitor

Cuts can be made directly (each touch immediately triggers a cut) or by using the Preview feature (touching an image loads the selected camera into the preview and the cut is triggered by tapping the cut or fade button).

There are 4 command buttons:

PGM/PREVIEW changes between PGM Direct and PREVIEW Cut

CUT cuts to the preview feed

FADE fades in the preview feed

triggers the CUT command for the camera in PREVIEW and loads the following camera in the next list into Preview (only in conjunction with the Live2Next module)

Live2Touch can be used independently or to control an existing mixer (studio or production truck), assuming it is equipped with GPI-INs.

Live2Touch can be combined with the Live2Edit and/or Live2Next modules to provide an optimised workflow for recording and post-production while reducing errors and saving time.

Live2Next and Live2Edit in action

Live2Touch im Thalia Theater

"The Tragedy of Romeo und Juliet", Thalia Theater, Hamburg 2014


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